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Sustainability Policy



At RouQ and Company, we understand the key issues and questions which affect the overall growth and sustainable development of any organization. Some of these questions include: is the company a good corporate citizen? Is it well governed in its business dealings? Is this company an appealing place to work? Accordingly, taking a cue from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, our firm hinges its mission for green services and operations on three fundamental and inseparable pillars namely: generation of economic wealth, environmental improvement and social responsibility.Consequently, we are able to identify the firm’s key stakeholders both internal and external to include the following, in no particular order:

  • Our Clients
  • The Employees.
  • Suppliers, Contractors and Service Providers; and.
  • The Environment.

Against the backdrop of the above, the firm has adopted the following green operational policies and initiatives as a socially and environmentally responsible citizen:

  • Our consideration in taking cases and/or rendering legal services to clients transcends profit maximization. We maintain a balance between ensuring satisfaction of any client’s needs according to its means to the best of our ability while at the same time protecting the firm’s bottom line;
  • Operating an open management system with easy reporting mechanisms to facilitate quick decision making and guaranteeing team spirit and sense of belonging for all lawyers and staff.
  • Meeting International Labour Organizations best labour standards and practices by ensuring prompt payment of employee’s remuneration, organizing regular training programmes, declaring bonuses whenever necessary and facilitating employees’ private projects by means of soft loans amongst others;
  • Partnering with Environmental Law Research Institute to keep the firm’s operational activities in line with sound, environment-friendly global practices;
  • A Joint Implementation Committee was established comprising lawyers from the firm and the Institute to identify such practices and review their success rates in the firm. A few of such green operations adopted in the firm include:
    • Encouraging the use of biodegradable plates, cups and utensils in the kitchen and conference rooms;
    • Ensuring printing draft documents on draft papers;.
    • Maximization of e-communication within the firm as opposed to paper communication;
    • Using e-mail trailers on all outgoing correspondence stating:
"RouQ and Company renders green services. Kindly consider not printing this e-mail unless absolutely necessary"

  • Designing a network located shared drive for data and document storage as opposed to paper storage. Many important files and documents have been scanned and duplicated on the network drive;
  • Adopting teleconferencing mechanisms with a view to minimizing unnecessary travel and its associated carbon emissions and other environmental exposures;
  • Procuring effective internet-enabled PC’s in the offices and distribution of smart phones amongst lawyers and staff in order to ease e-communication;
  • Regular swap of high energy consuming bulbs, fixtures and equipment with low consuming and energy saving replacements;
For more information about our green operations and sustainability policy, we welcome your visit to our offices.

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