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RouQ and Company is a local and internationally recognized full fledged Law Firm. Our firm is distinguished by excellence and industry, providing a broad range of specialist legal advisory and consultancy services to an array of clients.

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Tech Advisory and Compliance


Tech Advisory and Compliance

The global business economy is witnessing technology advancements and innovations at the speed of light. Most businesses are more focused on keeping up with new trends, acquiring latest technologies and entering into contracts for the provision of or acquisition of technology goods or services such that the fine prints of legal considerations and long-term business interest are most often overlooked.

As a leading law firm in the technology space, our team of experts step in to ensure that the interest of the clients is not waived on temporary sentiments of immediate business gains but are negotiated solely with a view to guard against avoidable long-term negative business impacts and consequences. It is on this basis that we are most sought after by renowned multinational entities willing to trust us with negotiating their contracts on their behalf.

Some of our accomplishments include providing legal advisory services to the establishment of one of the leading data centre in Nigeria and Africa including its recent expansion project. Our services include:
Advising on cloud hosting and colocation services;
e-commerce negotiations;
cybersecurity and consumer rights;
Drafting of technology contracts such as privacy agreements, website and mobile application agreements, Master services Agreements, networking agreements etc.;
Data protection services; and
Interfacing with regulatory bodies to obtain licenses, approvals and permits.

We constantly ensure that we adapt our business operations to incorporate new and faster technologies aimed at delivering fast-driven effective and efficient solutions to the business needs of our client. This giving our clients the unwavering assurance of the Firm's excellent professional services always.

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We bring each client a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert
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