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RouQ and Company is a local and internationally recognized full fledged Law Firm. Our firm is distinguished by excellence and industry, providing a broad range of specialist legal advisory and consultancy services to an array of clients.

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In Nigeria, taxation forms a substantial part of revenue generation for the three tiers of government- the Federal Government, the State Government and the Local Government. Considering the complex design of taxation laws in Nigeria, both corporate and individual taxpayers are often confronted with issues such as double taxation, tax avoidance, tax overcharge, negligent default in tax deduction responsibilities among others. At RouQ and Co., we have successfully represented our clients in both simple and complex tax matters across all the triers of government. Our legal representation and advisory services on tax matters cut across commercial tax litigation, corporate tax restructuring schemes and other related areas.

With our pragmatic approaches, we provide top-notch tax advice and creative tax solutions to our clients. Some of the areas which we provide quality advice to our clients on tax matters include tax structuring and negotiating, and tax implications of certain financing, joint ventures, tax-exempt organizations, taxation of compensation, estates, gifts, among others

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