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RouQ and Company is a local and internationally recognized full fledged Law Firm. Our firm is distinguished by excellence and industry, providing a broad range of specialist legal advisory and consultancy services to an array of clients.

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Real Estate

Real Estate

The complexities and intricacies involved in Property transactions are such that they require the engagement of the brightest legal minds. from commencement to completion (perfection of the transaction).

Our team of property law experts ensure that clients are properly guided when making decisions with respect to properties of interest to prevent the client from making grave and avoidable investment errors that could have severe future negative consequences.
Our services include:
1. General legal advisory services on all property transactions involving purchase, sale, right of occupancy, leasehold, sub-lease, mortgage, charge, tenancy, license and other various interests attached to them.
2. Initiating and concluding all property transactions on behalf of clients.
3. Representing our corporate and individual clients in all property-related lawsuits, ranging from declaration of ownership of land or landed property to acquisition of other interests in land and landed property.
4. Engaging in and advising our clients on alternative dispute resolution (ADR), both in-court and party-driven, in respect of cases or issues that may be settled out of court.
5. Dealing with and advising clients on other property-related transaction such as preparation of wills, estate administration and property taxation matters.

Our Practice Areas

We bring each client a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert
perspectives from other industries on the challenge at stake.