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Environmental Law


Environmental Law

The importance of the environment to the survival of humans, their businesses, their livelihoods and in some cases, their properties, cannot be overemphasized. Over the years, ensuring that the environment where people work and live is free from pollution and degradation has received both legislative and administrative responses. With these responses, remedies are made available to individuals and communities that may have suffered from environmental actions or omissions by the government, corporate entities and even individuals.

At RouQ and Company, we offer a variety of legal services in the field of Environmental Law Practice to the government, corporate and individual clients.
They include:
1. General legal advisory services on both existing and emerging environmental issues, legislation, regulations and policies.
2. Providing legal representation to our clients in groundbreaking environmental lawsuits and environment-related litigation.
3. Engaging in and advising clients on environmental ADR (both in-court and party-driven). It is our firm belief that litigation should be used as a last resort.
4. Drafting, reviewing and engaging in public hearing-related reviews of environmental legislation, regulation and policies for government bodies, agencies and parastatals.

Our clients also enjoy more value added services in tackling technical cases by leveraging on the expertise, skills and unrivalled industry experience of the firm's sister organization, Environmental Law Research Institute (ELRI) when tackling technical challenging environmental issues and. Client feedback from receiving swift, sound and effective solutions have been filled with great satisfaction and gratitude which has boosted the firm's reputation as being unrivaled in the field of environmental law.

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